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Jeremy Perkins

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Welcome to Cal Star Painting

Please click on the picture to the left to see all before and after photos.  Cal Star Painting is a full service painting company with business doors open for twenty eight years strong in the industry.  Cal Star strives not just to give a great paint job, but deliver an amazing experience.  Dedicated to the very best quality finishes in the industry. You want to choose a contractor that will protect you, by delivering a professional and timely finished project with a defect free project with a warranty.

Cal Star offers interior and exterior painting through every phase of residential, commercial and new construction projects. Owner and operator Jeremy Perkins has twenty eight years of experience in the painting industry.


Project management and scheduling plays a key role in your satisfaction, and careful consideration is put into each project.  The finished project is ninety percent preparation, the remaining ten percent is techniques of spraying, brush work, staining to reach an absolute beautiful finish. 


Experience in the various stages makes the difference in the longevity of the finished project as well as top grade paint used as lower grades of the same contractors brand may fail after just a few months. Types of products used can also affect longevity in the look you're after as with oil paints last longer but the sheen may fade quicker, on the other hand latex may not last as long but the sheen will hold longer than oil paints. The techniques used for staining and varnish will depend greatly on the application process and preparation. If You have an degraded wood house, there's good news, Shewin Williams has an elastomeric wood product now  that will build a surface mil level eight times the normal pain thickness, this with restoration with grinders, and sanders make a big difference in really giving your house a real value upgrade. One example of the numerous ways to paint your project.

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California C-33 Painting 

licensing information can be seen at the CSLB. (Enter license number 848048 in the search query form to view official report.) 


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The very best quality


Calstar painting is an established painting company with seventeen years of experience that has proven techniques that leave your new construction, residential home or commercial property with a long lasting finish product. We have a long list of references that tell the story of happy customers and successful procedures that bring your property to its full potential for your personal satisfaction, whether it be for curb appeal for resale, or an easy sell for renters or clean and new look for your commercial property. All phases of work are carefully planned down to the last detail and managed by trained professionals.     

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