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Cal Star Painting


Calstar Painting​ is  dedicated
to the very best top quality  service

      Dedicated project managment


  • Free estimates

  • color consultation

  • Tape and texturing

  • Staining, oil & latex

  • Carpenty

  • Drywall, skip texturing

  • Restoration

  • Presure washing

Calstar painting offers the highest quality in service from begining to the end of your project.  Its important when choosing a painting company that you can trust the workmanship to last and the lines to be crisp and sharp on all cut in work.  Spray work wether it be lacquer under coat, finish coats should be throughly sanded and dusted and coats timed for best settling.  Also there are waxing techniques to make your project absolutly beautiful. Stain work restoration is key to a great finish product and color matching  of puddy to the specific stain sows the entire project together to a  top professional quality. There are many faux options with stain or latex paints.  Oil, latex brush or spray work should be coated evenly and worked into the surfaces of varing textures. Heres a example of the workmanship covered:

General details & specifications

Patching/ caulking. Application of appropriate patching to fill holes, voids, sanding loose paint, caulking a cracks, seams and trim joints.

Mask/ Tape/ Tarp.Tarp all areas around areas to be painted, including walkways. 

Painting./Priming Paint two coats on all interior walls, casings base boards . One year guarantee of all workmanship performed. Follow up maintenance is provided for the interior of the project for a period of eight hours for everyday wear and tear, free of charge for a period of one year.                                          Contractor Jeremy Perkins

  • Apartment buildings                                           

  • commercial residential & new construction   

  • shopping centers

  • Industrial

  • HOA

  • Goverment buildings

  • Property managment



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